Get Certified

We do not offer online or correspondence Certifications for the Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel System.

You must be a qualified Beauty/Dermal Therapist, Registered Nurse or Doctor.

The cost of your training  includes:

5 Renewal Peels, 6 soothing creams 

1 GetGlowing Micro-Peel 

Comprehensive training manual and

Ongoing advice and support

All client forms and indemnities

Listing on National & International Websites


Training is not available via skype or online and must be attended in person.

Training consists of two consecutive days.

After the completion of training, there is no minimum purchase required and peelings may be ordered on an as needed basis.

Each jar contains a generous amount of peeling sufficient to administer one full peeling treatment. 

This includes the face, eye lids and neck OR the face and décolleté.

The paste has a very long shelf life and does not spoil or lose its potency once opened.

It is preferable for each client to have 2 peelings leaving 6 to 8 weeks between the 1st and the 2nd peeling. 

The results are much more profound when done this way.

The peeling is usually marketed this way although a single peeling may be offered resulting in excellent results.

Thereafter, one annual peeling is recommended to maintain a clear, glowing and flawless skin.




















In Australia, we have 2 permanent locations -  in Sydney NSW & Perth WA,  where training would usuallytake place.

Generally if you would like us to travel to you, you would be responsible for travel and accommodation expenses.

We require two full days with you and 2 nights’ accommodation.

If we have 4 trainees in total, we will pay for our own travel and accommodation expenses.

If you would like to offer the E.B. Peeling System in your medical spa or salon, comprehensive training in the technique of applying the Skin Renewal Peeling and knowledge of the system in its entirety and must include all staff members in your clinic who will be administering the peeling.


We periodically host trainings at different locations within Australia.

Should you wish to travel to attend one of these training sessions, you are most welcome to.

We will post locations on the FB page once we have been scheduled.

Have a scroll through all the amazing pics and testimonials too.

Each trainee must complete one full treatment, and must have their own model.

You will use some of your peelings during your training on your models/clients for demonstrating and training purposes. We suggest that you charge your model undergoing the peeling during your training period. You might offer them a discount should you wish to or at least charge them your cost of the peeling. Each trainee needs to have one model to peel. Often the trainees peel each other if models are difficult to find.  It is recommended that you should experience the peeling first hand so that you are aware of what your client feels throughout the duration.

This is of course not mandatory.


The peeling protocol consists of an application of the peeling applied on two consecutive days. Your model will need to be in the clinic for a period of approximately 2.5 hours on each day. These are known as day 1(one) and day 2 (two). The peeling cream is left on the skin for two hours each day and removed before the client goes home. The client remains lying down throughout the entire process. The client returns to the clinic on the 7th day and the skin is removed by the therapist.  We therefore cover the “peel off” protocol during your two day training period.



We require a $250.00 non refundable deposit sent via EFT or Card (+surcharge for Card) within 5 days of scheduling your training, in order to hold your spot.

The balance of your class payment is due a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the training date. 

Training consists of two full days and the course must be attended in its entirety in order to receive the certification.