Terms & Conditions:


• Results:

Due to the different nature of every single person’s age, health, genetic makeup up & compliance & the expertise of their provider, results of the Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel & the GetGlowing MicroPeel may vary from person to person. 

Therefore we do not guarantee any specific results, and do not offer any liability.


• Photo’s

All photos used on our promotions are unfiltered & untouched. Often times a combination of in clinic and at home photos are used, which may or may not alter the before & after’s lighting & setting. 

Providers may use any of our pictures as long as they do not imply that these are their results, and give credit to the provider who has performed the treatment. We strongly recommend watermarking your pictures. 


• Exclusivity:

Elaine Brennan does not offer any exclusivity to providers. 

It is your responsibility to check our providers page to be sure where our providers are based, and to ask you local trainer if anyone else is booked for training near you. 


• Naming of Treatments:

Providers may not change the names of our 2 peel treatments, and must refer to them as The Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel & GetGlowing MicroPeel. 


• Payment & Sales:

All payments for goods and training must be made in advance at the specified dates as specified by your representative, taking into consideration that in Australia we import the products from the USA. 

Please make sure you have enough stock on hand or allow at least 2-4 weeks for any product to arrive. 

If ordered solely on your behalf from the USA, you will be responsible for shipping from the USA to our Perth or Sydney location, and from there to your location. 


Orders are only processed within working hours, once payment has been received.

We advise you to send a paid receipt from your bank to your supplier, to expidite the process.

Due to the current pandemic, shipping times are often delayed, especially to & from rural areas.

Once a shipment has left our depots, we are not responsible for the time it takes for the carrier to deliver.

Please make sure to place your orders with at least a 2 week lead time.



• Refunds & Returns: 


There are no refunds on booking fees, training or products, should you change your mind. 

If you have paid for training, you may cancel and ask for a refund minus the non-refundable booking fee, provided you give notice 4 weeks or more in advance of the training date.

Should the class be cancelled due to COVID, you may receive a full refund (you are not reserved a spot in the next class), you may wish to just move yourself to the new reschudeled date (4 weeks notice of cancellation is still required for rescheduled classes as we are saving your spot for you)

Or you may leave the $250 booking fee to save your spot, have a refund for the rest, but must then still pay the balance of the fee 4 weeks in advance of the reschedeled class.


Returns are only made if the packaging of a peel is damaged.

Goods must be returned to your representative  prior to a replacement being sent out.

Refunds are not offered, only replacement. 


• Training:

Only beauty professionals who work for or own a beauty business with an ABN & current Public Liability Insurance may attend our 2 day hands on training certification/purchase the GetGlowing MicroPeel.

Only professionals who have attended this training may provide clients with the Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel treatment. They may not under any circumstances train or show other persons how to perform the treatment. 

These treatments are in clinic treatments only & not for home use. 

Providers may not sell any of our peels to another person under any circumstance.

Should this occur, the supply of peels will cease effective immediately.

• Pricing:

We cannot fix prices in Australia, as it is illegal to do so, however we ask that you charge within the recommended price range we suggest. This prevents a price war & helps all providers earn what they are worth. Our treatments are exclusive, and with virtually no viable competition on the market, we are able to ask a fair price.

We all work together to maintain the integrity of our services.  


• Non-compliance:

In the case that a representative has indicated a possible violation or misrepresentation on the part of a provider and there remains a non-compliance , we reserve the right to cease supply of peels to a provider effective immediately & indefinitely.